Antique Furniture from the Arcadian

Timeless hand-crafted pieces for your home and office

A beautiful piece of antique furniture is not only useful, but it's a great way to bring a piece of the past into your home. At the Arcadian, our furniture comes from a time when the terms 'self-assembly' and 'particleboard' weren't even invented - instead, pieces were created by mastercraftsmen paying close attention to the form, grain, and details of their finished products. And those quality pieces of furniture, which have survived the test of time, can now be found in the Arcadian's Nickels Arcade store.

Past the display cases of fine antique jewelry, past the diamond engagement rings, past the stemware and glass you'll find the entry to our lower level - and a treasure trove of antique furniture. Look around, you may just find that exact piece you've been looking for.

Again, feel free to call us at (734) 994-3433 if you have any questions about our furniture or other items in our stores, or stop by for yourself at our Nickels Arcade location to see more.