The Arcadian Men's Boutique

Fine Antique Watches, Cufflinks, Chains, and Rings for Discerning Collectors

The Arcadian carries a diverse yet carefully-chosen set of mens items – Many of these items are up to 100 years old and bear the mark of craftsmanship not-often found on the shelves of many modern jewelers. What's more, they've been meticulously polished to subtly display the patina that comes only with character and time.

Although our selection is too broad to list individually, we encourage you to make a trip to our shop in downtown Ann Arbor to hunt for yourself. We have two locations - both in Nickels Arcade near the Diag and on Main Street near the Big House - each with a unique selection. 

If you are looking for a specific item, call our store at (734) 994-3433 to see if we have something that matches what you're looking for.