Ring Sizing through the Arcadian

There is a little bit of a myth floating around some antique stores that ring sizes can’t be adjusted - but at The Arcadian Antiques they can. 

We have an amazing jeweler who can literally do anything - what's more, he doesn’t stretch the gold of the ring to expand the size. Instead, he always cuts and adds metal to the band so as not to weaken the 100 year old ring.

Additionally, rings with etching or diamonds all the way around the band can be sized without any indication of where the sizing was done. Our jeweler is extremely talented and dedicated to making your ring perfect and keeping it true to its most original state. 

Sizing Policy

When having a ring sized, we advise our clients to choose the smallest possible size that fits comfortably - this will help keep your treasured ring secure and in place.

Of course, we can size your ring multiple times... If you decide to choose a different size, or your finger size changes due to time or the seasons. And although we wish we could provide this service to all our customers without charge, alas we must pay our jeweler for his time and expertise - however, the costs are not high and for normal sizing within two sizes of the original, you will only be billed a minimum cost. Depending on the current prices of gold, we estimate the cost of a standard sizing to be around $65 for white gold, yellow gold, or sterling, while platinum is a bit more work at $85.

The unique cases of engraved bands, open filigree work, eternity bands, large size changes, and other complex sizing jobs will require a larger investment - however we will provide you with a fair price for expert service, and will discuss sizing options with you in our store.

Whether you purchase a piece with us at either of our two locations, or have a unique ring you would like handled by our expert jeweler, don't hesitate to call us at (734) 994-3433 or stop by the shop - we'd love to meet with you and find out how we can help.